Friday, June 27, 2008


The logical way to begin a Blog is with an introduction, so here goes:

My name is Donna. My husband, Keith, and I are part-time professional magicians who primarily entertain in and around Birmingham, Alabama, which is appropriately deemed the "Magic City". Our stage names are "Mort The Mystifying and Donna", and our Web site is

Why did we choose "Mort The Mystifying and Donna"? Well, "Mort" is Keith's nickname, so I suggested he add "The Mystifying". (I felt "The Magnificent" was too common of a stage name among magicians, so I was striving for something more original.) To maintain a touch of reality, I chose to retain my real name.

For the past seventeen years, we have been "appearing" and entertaining with our magic at all types of events; including birthday parties, corporate functions, church functions, dinner parties, library functions, school functions, and wedding receptions, not only in Birmingham, Alabama, but also throughout the Southeast.

Keith's full-time job is as a letter carrier at the Crestline Post Office in Birmingham, Alabama. Tuesday thru Saturday, he is out delivering mail in Redmont, which is located on the crest of Red Mountain. High atop a ridge, one section of Keith's mail route boasts a breathtaking view of Birmingham.

The majority of the houses in Redmont are historic and architecturally unique. The lawns are pristinely manicured, and there is a great sense of neighborhood pride. Keith's mail patrons embrace him not only as their mail carrier, but also their magician. On many occasions, we have entertained with our magic in their homes and businesses.

We are often asked why we are not full-time magicians. As an employee with the Federal Government, Keith has seniority and entirely too many fringe benefits to forfeit. He also quite enjoys his mail route and is very dedicated to the families to whom he delivers mail. With his combined careers as a magician and mail carrier, he has found a winning combination that truly offers the best of both worlds.

This purpose of this Blog, Magic Wanderings, is to relay our adventures; past, present, and future; as magicians. I hope readers will find it entertaining and informative, but, most of all, magical.



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